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One Minute Scripture Study: A Come Follow Me Podcast

Apr 22, 2020

Today we have a special guest host, Brittany Crane. In this episode she shares her favorite part of Mosiah 4. 

Listen to the full episode to hear her beautiful testimony!  And to learn more about Brittany, read her bio below!

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Brittany Crane - Founder of Get Out There Girl
Brittany helps women uncover their critical voices and treat themselves like they would treat a good friend. She believes that self compassion is the tool that will free women from the traps of comparison, guilt, and perfectionism. Brittany is on a mission to help women thrive at life by... 
...connecting with nature through high-adventure retreats 🏔 
...connecting with themselves through self compassion ❤ 
...connecting with other women through vulnerability 👭
Brittany is the author of the highly-praised Self Compassion Workbook - a 15 day guide and journal experience to help you build inner strength, accept yourself and thrive at life.
Brittany is the mom of four rambunctious kids who she is currently homeschooling.