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One Minute Scripture Study: A Come Follow Me Podcast

Apr 27, 2020

Today we've got a special guest host, Darla Trendler from Spiritually Minded Mom.  Darla is sharing her thoughts about a single phrase in Mosiah 7 that has some powerful meaning for each of us.

Listen to the the full podcast to find out why the word "effectual" can make a huge difference in our lives! 

And to grab the free episode wallpaper, click here:

Darla is the host of the Spiritually Minded Mom podcast where she interviews guests about their experiences learning to navigate motherhood by partnering with our Heavenly Parents. Her goal is to help women gain confidence in their ability to hear and follow God’s voice in motherhood and in life.

Since childhood, Darla has had a love of the scriptures and finds great strength from the examples of the people she reads about. 

Darla's current stage of life involves watching her children leave home, having teenagers, and being her kids' biggest cheerleader.

Darla works with her husband in their car business and when she has a spare minute, she enjoys weightlifting, sewing and writing in her journal.

She and her family love living in the Arizona desert and you can frequently find them spending time together hiking, boating or having pushup competitions.You can out more about Darla on Instagram @spirituallymindedmom or on her website