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One Minute Scripture Study: An LDS Podcast

Sep 8, 2021

Today Kristen is chatting with Cali Black about the life lessons she's learned.  

We're diving into topics including how to make difficult choices, figuring out your life purpose, and why education seriously matters.  

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Jul 21, 2021

Skye Fagrell is the fitness and spiritual guru who has mastered what it really means to set goals. (Hint: it requires a whole lot more “failure” than we usually think!)


He’s also an engaging speaker, seminary teacher, and coach. Get ready for a new outlook on setting and achieving goals, in all 4 of the areas...

Jun 23, 2021

What is “light” in the scriptures anyways? And what can we do when we don’t feel any light? Join us for an interview with Duke physics professor, Aaron Franklin, and get ready to be enLIGHTened!

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Jun 2, 2021

Does racism exist in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

What can the average Latter-day woman do to create more inclusivity and embrace diversity? 

In this interview with Kay West of A Worldwide Sisterhood, we're discussing all these topics and more.  

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May 19, 2021

Why did Joseph Smith begin the practice of polygamy? 


And why didn’t Emma know about all his marriages?


And how in the world can I explain polygamy to my kids? 


Friend, we’ve got you covered. 


In this bonus episode we are interviewing Brian Hales, author of Joseph Smith’s Polygamy, and asking him ALL the...